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Instructional Specialist in Academic Skills and Literacy

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San Miguel Catholic High School is accepting letters of interest from qualified and highly motivated teachers and interventionists for the position of Instructional Specialist in Academic Skills and Literacy.

Summary Job Description

The Instructional Specialist in Academic Skills and Literacy serves as part of a dedicated and high-competency faculty charged with ensuring that every student meets or exceeds the expectations for academic progress in cross-curricular content knowledge, academic skills and behaviors, and the literacy needed to engage successfully in rigorous learning. The scope of academic skills involved in this program includes executive function skill development, collaboration skills, and habits of academic success. The scope of literacy development involved in this program includes lexicon, numbers, images, data, and digital competencies.

This is a full-time (1.0 FTE) position whose priority responsibilities include providing general instruction in academic skills and literacy development to (a) first-year and second-year students, and (b) targeted instruction in the same fields to groups of students in need of additional intervention. This position also includes protected time for monitoring student academic progress and communicating with students and families, as well as protected time for common instructional development towards the further development of academic skills and literacy. Insofar as this is an inaugural position, the Instructional Specialist must be prepared to lead our collaborative efforts towards robust program development in academic skills and literacy.

All faculty instructors participate in a variety of collegial programs intended to serve their professional and ministerial growth needs. Our school offers regular opportunities for peer observation, instructional feedback, and professional development supported by both an Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) and a group of coaches in both instructional practice and instructional technology, as well as a team of highly skilled socio-emotional counselors and a working group charged with leading us in personal and spiritual formation.

Given our school's commitment to serving high-potential young people from families in under-resourced communities of Tucson, the Instructional Specialist is expected to demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to working with students who come with a history of under-resourced academic support and who will likely be the first in their family to enter a university degree program.


School Description and Mission Alignment

A full description of the mission, identity, and program offerings of San Miguel Catholic High School can be found at . The school is located in the Diocese of Tucson and is sponsored by the Brothers of the Christian Schools (De La Salle).

As a long-standing member of the national Cristo Rey Network , the school operates with a unique work-and-study educational structure through which every student (grades 09-12) spends approximately five days per month engaged in a professional work assignment at a Tucson area business and spends the other 75 percent of one's time in college preparatory classes on campus. In order to accommodate this dual programming, the typical school day and academic year are longer than most other area high schools.

In alignment with the school's commitment to an education rooted in Catholic heritage and culture that is simultaneously college and career ready, the Instructional Specialist is likewise expected to demonstrate a personal philosophy that highly values all three of these dimensions of a San Miguel education.


In its interview process for qualified candidates, San Miguel Catholic High School does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnic ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our teaching and learning community.

Next Steps

Qualified and highly motivated candidates are invited to submit a letter of interest and curriculum vitae or résumé to (Director of Academic Operations). Due to our typically high volume of inquiries, only advancing candidates will be contacted with information about the interview process and invited to submit a full set of application materials.

San Miguel Catholic High School uses a rolling interview process in which the position may be filled at any time. It is therefore to the candidate's advantage to make one's interest known as soon as possible.

Core Competencies

The following core competencies are expected of the Instructional Specialist in Academic Skills and Literacy and constitute the framework on which evaluations are made in the interview process:

Instructional planning and preparation

  • Research-based knowledge of academic skills and behaviors, motivational factors, and student executive functions appropriate to the secondary level, with specialized knowledge in one or more content areas (language, mathematics, science, digital communications)
  • Knowledge of content and skills relevant to academic and digital literacy at the secondary level
  • Pedagogical knowledge in instructional practice at the secondary level
  • Evolving familiarity with a wide range of primary and secondary resources in academic and digital literacy

    Learning environment

  • Knowledge of adolescent development (e.g. adolescent philosophies, lived experiences, identity development)
  • Ability to conduct relationships with students and their families in a multicultural and multireligious environment of respect and rapport
  • Ability to motivate student interest and action in the development of academic and digital literacy
  • Ability to manage norms for student conduct (online and on-campus)

    Instructional practice

  • Ability to design and execute coherence in instructional planning, assessment, and student learning
  • Ability to lead student learning in a classroom setting (in-person and online) in accord with best practices in instruction at the secondary level
  • Ability to use variety of assessment methods and techniques to determine student mastery of content and skills and to provide feedback to students about their progress
  • Ability to demonstrate flexibility and adaptivity in instructional practice in response to student learning needs and environmental conditions

    Professional responsibilities

  • Ability to engage oneself and colleagues as a reflective practitioner who accurately identifies strengths and needs for growth in practice
  • Strong communication habits across a variety of media and in a variety of interpersonal settings (e.g. colleagues, students, parents)
  • Ability to integrate into a collegial community of teaching and learning experts
  • Ability to conduct oneself as a person of integrity, ethical conduct, service to and advocacy for the changing needs of young people and their families



    The following qualifications are initially assessed in the candidate's application and further discussed in the interview process. Candidates with one or more ‘preferred qualifications' are prioritized in the selection process.


  • Five years of instructional experience in academic skills and literacy at the secondary level
  • Three years of experience working with young people and families of under-resourced communities
  • Master's degree from an accredited university in secondary education, psychology, a related field or specific academic content area
  • Cultural knowledge of indigenous tribal and Latino communities in Arizona
  • Bilingual fluency in English and Spanish


  • Three years of experience in classroom instruction at the secondary level
  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited university in secondary education, psychology, a related field or specific academic content area
  • Earned (or working towards) certification in secondary instruction


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